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Summary: Can our Spy family ever have a normal day?

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*Saturday March 26, 1988*

"Amanda, what are you doing up?" Lee whispered as he sauntered into the living room. "It's two in the morning. What are you doing?"

Lee found his wife sitting on the couch, feet up on the coffee table and a photo album in her lap. When she heard his soft voice she turned her head to find a concerned look on her husband's face. "Couldn't sleep, I was just looking at old pictures of the boys. They're growing up so fast."

Lee joined her on the couch and noticed the Kleenex in one hand as her other ran over the top of a picture of Phillip. He sat next to her, put his right arm around her shoulders, and she leaned her head toward him. His left hand roamed over the same area as hers, just over the picture of Phillip. "I remember this, it seems more than four years ago." Lee thought for a moment. "Drought Cycles of Burma wasn't it?"

"What?" Amanda said, while looking up at Lee. She could see the sparkle in his eyes and the small smile tugging at his lips.

He reached out two fingers to caress her chin, "Wasn't that the name of your favorite book?"

Amanda let out a soft laugh as she shook her head. She knew Lee was attempting to make her smile and it worked, it always did. Resisting those eyes and those dimples were too hard. Lee knew the name of the real book was, Sky Chief Rides Again, which made its home on the bookshelf in the living room.

"What am I going to do with you?"

Lee planted a kiss on her forehead, that mischievous grin came out as thoughts came to his mind. "Inviting as that sounds, my wife, I know you're tired and so am I. We can continue this conversation in the morning. If I remember right, your mother and Jamie are having brunch with Curt, and Phillip's not due back until dinner time from Joe's. So, Mrs. Stetson, I think that maybe we deserve a lazy morning."

Standing and holding hands, Lee guided Amanda back up the stairs to their room.


"Good morning, sleepyhead." Lee tried to plant a kiss on Amanda's lips, only to be stopped by her yawn.

"Sorry. Someone kept me awake last night after I went back to bed."

"Well, I never heard you protest."

Amanda swatted lightly at Lee's chest, "You're terrible, you know that. I thought I was coming upstairs to go to bed. But, if I remember right, you promised me something else last night."

"Oh trust me, I remember what it is." Lee said while nibbling on her neck. ". . . I aim to please."

"Lee...." Amanda squeaked out, as Lee's hand roamed over her side, finding a ticklish spot.

He stopped himself at the noise he heard next. "All right, Amanda, your stomach is protesting too. I'll be back up in a bit with the breakfast I promised you.

With that he slipped on his robe and walked downstairs.

Amanda stretched herself out on the bed and took a hold of Lee's pillow. Letting out a big sigh she mused, 'Now this is the way to spend a Sunday morning'.


"Mom, I'm home!" Phillip bellowed as he entered the house.

"Hi sweetheart." Amanda greeted back, "Did you and your dad have fun?"

"Oh yeah, we had a blast." Phillip helped himself to a glass of milk, and continued after taking a drink. "Where's everyone?"

"Your grandmother is upstairs. Lee and Jamie went to the store to pick up a few things for dinner, they should be back any minute. Why don't you go put your things away then come back and help me."

"Okay," Phillip grumbled as he made his way to the stairs. And Amanda went back to chopping tomatoes for the night's dinner.


About ten minutes later...

As Lee and Jamie walked in the back door, Amanda was surprised they had taken so long, just to get a few things. "It's about time you two, I was going to call out the troops." She gave them both a quizzical look, not quite understanding why they were both carrying a bag when all she needed was milk and hamburger buns. Jamie set his bag down and retreated out of the room, he knew what Lee had bought and promised to leave the room when they returned. While leaving he grabbed his brother's arm and pulled him out of the kitchen, too.

"Okay, Stetson, I sent you to the store for two things, what did Jamie talk you into buying?" She set her knife down on the counter and walked over to where Jamie deposited his bag.

Lee came up behind Amanda, wrapped his arms around her waist, and nibbled on her neck. He tried to distract her, as she tried to see what was in the bag. "Hands off the bag, Amanda." He turned her around to face him and continued nibbling on her neck. "I picked up a few things, like some chips and guacamole to go with dinner. Also a movie and wine for later with my wife."

Amanda let out a throaty laugh at the thought of her husband and his chips and guacamole. "And just what movie did you get us?" she added with an alluring look.

"I couldn't resist . . ."

"Don't tell me, Lee, another western." It was more of a statement than a question. Amanda knew how much Lee liked old-fashioned or western movies.

Reaching his left arm around her, he reached into the bag to retrieve his latest movie find. Giving her a devilish smile he handed it to her.

"The Gambler, huh? Now, Scarecrow, are you sure this is a good one?"

"Oh trust me. It will be worth it."

Amanda couldn't contain her laugher anymore. She set the movie down and went back to finishing dinner. "Lee, dinnerís almost ready. Would you get the boys?"

Lee stole one more kiss before heading upstairs, to let everyone know it was time to eat.


Later on that night, Lee was leaning back against the head of the bed. Amanda lay next to him, with her head on his chest; she sipped the last of her wine as their movie ended.

"All right, I do have to admit the movie was good," she said as she suppressed a yawn.

"I told you it would be." He snuggled Amanda a little more tightly and added, "You know this was a marvelous idea you had, adding my old tv in our room. It gives us some quality together time. Not only that it's a lot more comfortable then trying to cuddle up on that couch downstairs. We don't have to worry about the boys or your mother coming downstairs, while I am trying to take advantage of you."

Amanda was enjoying the comforts of her husband's arms, but reluctantly moved off the bed to take the movie out and place it back into its case. Since tomorrow was Monday, and not knowing how work was going to be, she figured dropping it off on the way to work was a good idea.

When Amanda joined Lee back on the bed, he took hold of his wife and rested his head on her shoulder. Sighing in total contentment, at the feel of Amanda's chest rising and falling and the soft caress of her hand along his arm, he followed her into a blissful slumber.


*Tuesday, March 29, 1988*

"Good morning, Lee and Amanda"

"Good morning to you, too, Mrs. Marston," the couple replied.

After they gave the daily password and began to clip their badges on, the older lady added, "Mr. Melrose is waiting in your office for you."

"Thanks," Amanda answered.

Hand in hand the pair walked up the stairs to their office. They wondered why Billy was waiting for them in the Q- Bureau, instead of having them come down to his office.

Reaching for the doorknob, Lee paused and gave Amanda's hand a quick kiss. Then opened the door for them to enter.

When they entered the office, they found their boss sitting on the small couch, just staring off into space. "Billy..." Lee said, but no response. This time Lee cleared his throat and said a little louder, "Billy." Seeing his boss and friend turn his head to them, Lee continued, "So, to what do we owe the pleasure of this visit from you, so early in the morning?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking about life, Agency life. Can you believe that Jeannie's and my anniversary is coming up soon? It will be our twenty-fifth."

Amanda returned, "Yes, Sir, I know what you mean. Today Lee gets to have fun and take Phillip down to get his driver's permit. Knowing that boy, he will try and convince Lee to let him drive the Corvette back home."

Lee shot her the no-way-in-hell look. Which didn't get past Billy, and the two just laughed. Billy knew that this was one of the fun things that Lee was going to learn about parenthood, . . . kids have a way of talking parents into so much.

After their laughter subsided, Billy stood up and handed Amanda a couple of files, as she sat at her desk. "Can you take a look at these, Amanda, then file them in the vault? They are from Beeman's and Johnson's surveillance, of John Martinelli."

"Isn't he still in prison?"

"He was," Billy corrected. "His sentence was up about four months ago. I wanted them to keep an eye on him, to make sure he wasn't up to his old tricks again. I was relieved to hear that he wasn't."

Amanda read through the files, trying to concentrate, but she had a hard time. Lee was perched on the corner of her desk, staring at her intently. "Well, that's good to hear, Sir. Is there anything else for us to do today?"

"No, there isn't. After you are finished going through that file, why don't you go ahead and make sure everything is in order in the vault. Then, take the rest of the day off. I'll call you if anything comes up." Billy went to walk out the door. Laughing, he added, "I know Scarecrow has a driving lesson with Phillip."


About three hours later, Amanda was in the vault and Lee was stretched out on the couch. "Amanda, are you almost done in there?" Lee asked, while trying to hold back his yawn.

"Well, it might have gone quicker if *someone* would help me."

"I am helping; I'm staying out of your way. If I went into that vault, you would give me dirty looks for putting a file in the wrong place. Plus, I'm relaxing and thinking about later today." Lee stood up and strolled over to the vault's door. "Hey, Amanda, do you have any errands to run today? If not, umm . . . maybe I can drive your car . . ."

"Stetson, don't tell me you are afraid of a fifteen year old driving your precious car?"

"Well, no . . . I ah . . . I thought maybe if Jamie wanted to go with us, we'd have more room."

Amanda walked out of the vault, and as she approached her desk. She turned around to face Lee and gave him a teasing smile. "Maybe, dear, it's time for you to get a new car. Something with a little more room."

Lee just stared at her, knowing she was kidding. He shook his head, walked over to Amanda. He placed his arms around her and kissed her passionately.

After they disentangled, Amanda walked around her desk to retrieve her purse and Lee walked to his to pick up his keys. Hand in hand, they left work together.


"Lee!" Phillip bellowed as he entered the house. "I'm home, where are you?" His voice decreased as he walked into the kitchen and found Lee sitting at the bar drinking a cup of coffee.

"Hey, Phillip, where's Jamie?"

Phillip sat down next to Lee and with a big grin on his face, he responded, "He went over to Angela's house and said something about being home before dinner. So, it's just you and me. Ready to go to the DMV?"

"Do you have everything?"

"I just need to get them off the book case. My Social Security card, my student ID, and the paper showing I'm enrolled in drivers-ed this summer. But, I still need one more thing . . ." Phillip paused for a moment. He knew he asked his mom and Lee for this once before, but no one said anything. Seeing the questioning look on Lee's face, Phillip continued. "A written consent from you or mom for me to get my permit."

Lee stood up, walked over to the sink and placed his coffee mug in. He then walked over to his coat, pulled out an envelope, and handed it to Phillip. "I wrote that earlier today." Lee was thrilled that Amanda asked him to write an approval letter. It felt wonderful doing his first real parenting act. Lee patted Phillip on the back and added, "Let's go."

Phillip jumped out of his chair and the two men went out the door.


Amanda was at the grocery store. As she rounded a corner, she bumped into a man, who apologized quickly. Walking around for another 15 minutes, she noticed the man was now following her. She tried to make it to her car before the mystery man could follow her there. As Amanda opened her car door, she was startled by the feel of a gun at her back.

"Set the bag down, close the door, and go over to my car, Mrs. Stetson."

Amanda did as she was told. She had seen this man's face before, but couldn't place it. Mulling things over in her mind, she asked herself, 'What have Lee and I been working on?' Coming up blank, she winced as the man roughly took a hold of her wrist and shoved her into his car. The only comment he made was, "Drive!"

Meanwhile, on the other side of Arlington.

"Number 21, please?" the lady behind a counter called out.

Lee patted Phillip on the back, "That's you, Chief; let's go." Lee received no response, so he tried again. "Phillip, that's your number. How about getting up and walking to the counter?"

Phillip shook his head as he came out of his daydream. "Ummm... oh sorry, yeah, let's go. I was just dreaming about what it will be like in a year from now, and what kind of car I should get."

Lee stood and watched as his stepson walked past him, shaking his head at the comment he made. Musing to himself, how much Phillip was like him, and how scary that was. 'I'm not ready for this boy to have his permit. I don't want to imagine him having a car.'

Twenty minutes later, Phillip heard his name called out. He walked back up to the counter where they took his picture. He took a hold of his permit and flashed a grin at Lee. "Yeah, I have it now. Hey, Lee, can I drive us home?"

"Ah, well . . . I dunno, ummm . . . How about we wait, until you get some more experience driving first. You don't want to start trying in traffic. Trust me it's not the best," Lee finally choked out, remembering Amanda's words that morning about Phillip wanting to drive.

Reluctantly, Phillip agreed, and the two men were off again, not knowing what else was going on with their family.


Amanda was still trying to figure out who captured her, when her thoughts drifted to Lee, her mother and the boys. 'They have no idea where I am. Oh, my gosh,' Lee, I'm supposed to be home right now. He's going to go crazy when he finds that I'm missing.' Amanda was brought out of her thoughts as she heard the door open.

"Mrs. Stetson," the man snarled, while leaning over at Amanda, staring at her straight in the eyes. "You may not know me, but I know who you are. My name is, John Martinelli. I know that you are an agent, and some of your men have been watching me."

The man stood up and started pacing in front of Amanda. She could tell he was nervous and unsure of himself. Yes, so many years ago this man had been a threat, but he had been in prison for 15 years.

"I just had to wait until they stopped following me. I have a bone to pick with a Billy Melrose and the Agency, for putting me in prison. From what I heard, you are one of his favorites. So just sit tight, knowing Melrose, you won't be sitting here very long." Martinelli left the room, leaving Amanda tied to a chair, alone with her thoughts.


Lee and Phillip arrived back home to find Amanda's car still had not shown up. Trying not to worry Phillip, Lee did not say anything.

Making their way into the house, they found Jamie sitting on the couch watching tv. "Hey dufus, look," Phillip showed his brother his permit, as he sat himself down on the couch next to him.

Jamie shoved his brother and said, "Nice mug shot."

"All right, you two, stop the name calling and pushing." Lee walked over to a chair and sat down. "Jamie, did your mother call?" he asked the boy, trying not to show the concern in his voice.

Not looking up at Lee, he answered, "No, I haven't heard from her."

Lee sat back, ran his hand through his hair. He didn't want to start panicking yet, but he could feel something was not right. Lee let out a breath he had been holding, and decided to make a call.

Getting up from the chair, he walked upstairs to his and Amanda's bedroom. That act still felt odd to him with everyone home, but right now that was the furthest thing from his mind. Right now he needed to call Billy.

"Mrs Martson, this is Lee, I need to talk to Billy."

Lee sat on Amanda's side of their bed, looking around and smelling her perfume that still lingered in the room. He didn't hear Billy answer the phone at first.

"Lee, what's going on?" Billy asked getting a little worried.

"Oh sorry, Amanda didn't happen to come back to work, did she?" He already knew the answer to this, since they both left together, but he had to ask anyway.

Billy could sense that something was wrong with his friend. "No, I haven't seen her since you two left. What's wrong?"

Fear was now getting the best of him, this job made him worry more frequently for his family. "Yes, we left together. I took Phillip to get his permit. Amanda went to the school, to drop off some things and then to the store. That was three hours ago. I know I shouldn't worry, but I can just tell something's not right."

Billy stood up, walked to his door and waved Francine to come in. "I'll get a couple of our guys out there to look for her car. You stay there with the boys, that way they have no idea something is up. Got me?" he added that one with a little more authority.

Lee started pacing the room, "Oh come on, Billy, I just can't sit still!"

"You can! And you will! Lee, I need you to be there. Please let us look, she'll probably show up in the next few minutes. What will she think if she gets home and finds that you're not there?"

"Fine, but you better let me know what's going on!" Lee literally yelled into the phone.

"Just calm down, Scarecrow. I will call you when we have something."

"Yeah, okay."

After Lee hung up the phone, he relaxed his long form on the bed and sighed. This was something unusual for him, sitting around waiting for information. To him, being out there to find out what's going on, was better. Not only because this was about Amanda, it just added to it more.

Turning onto his side and seeing the picture of the two of them on their second honeymoon. Lee smiled at the memory of that day, and how excited this little girl was as she handed them the Polaroid picture. She had just received a new camera before the cruise and was snapping pictures left and right. Well, this one her mother loved and thought it was a good idea to give it to the couple. It was of Lee and Amanda on the beach of St. Thomas, wrapped in each others arms.

He sat the picture back on Amanda's nightstand, stood up, and made his way back downstairs.

When Lee entered the kitchen, he found Phillip rummaging through the refrigerator. He looked at the clock and realized it was almost 6:30.

Lee made the excuse that Amanda had to pop back into work and asked Phillip and Jamie if they wanted pizza for dinner. Which of course was a big hit with them.


By 8:30 Lee was starting to really panic. Billy had talked to him again, which he found out there is no news yet. Lee wanted to come in and help, but Billy had put his foot down, again, and ordered him to stay at home, despite ten minutes of protesting from Lee.

The three of them had already eaten, well Lee picked at his food. Now Phillip and Jamie were in their rooms doing homework. Dotty was not due home for a while longer; she and Kurt were spending the whole day together. Lee was thankful for that. Knowing the women in the family, it was hard to cover up when something was wrong.

Lee couldn't understand why Billy was so persistent. This was his wife missing, his love, his life. He stared out the window in the kitchen, the same one she found him popping up from for so many years. Putting both hands over his face, he tried to erase what was going on. The phone rang and Lee nearly leapt at the sound.

Lifting the phone from its cradle, in an agitated voice, Lee answered, "Stetson."

"Lee, we got word on where Amanda is, and who has her." Billy paused for a second, then added, "It's John Martinelli."

"Martinelli?" Lee shouted. "What the hell does he want with her? Neither one of us have dealt with him, not to mention Beeman and Johnson said he wasn't up to his usual tricks."

"Calm down, Lee, I have no idea why he took Amanda. But, if you don't calm down, I won't tell you were she is." He knew that would stop some of Lee's ranting.

"All right, fine, where is she? What do you have set up?" Lee remarked wryly.

"We got word she is out by Anacostia Drive, right next to the park. Martinelli's working alone, so Francine, Johnson and I are on our way out the door. We'll meet you in front of the park in 20 minutes and go from there."

Lee hurriedly set the phone back down and started for the front door, when he heard talking upstairs. "Phillip, Jamie, come here please?" he yelled out to them.

"Yeah Lee?" Jamie called out, as he made it to the top of the stairs, before his brother.

"Ah . . ." Lee stuttered. He didn't want to alarm them. "Ah, your mom just called and she is having trouble with the car. I'm going to head to work and see if I can help her. So, I shouldn't be gone long, in the meantime, finish your homework and get into bed. Your grandmother will be home before 10. Be in bed by then."

"Okay, Lee."

"Night, Lee, and thanks again for today."

Lee smiled at Phillip, by that time he retreated back into the bedroom. Still, Lee had that warm feeling in his heart at helping them out.

"Now, it's time to find Amanda," he said to no one in particular. And left out the door.


-Anacostia Park

Lee barreled into the parking lot as Francine got out of the car with Billy. She had to hurry up and shut her door, for fear of it being hit.

"Nice driving there, Lee," Francine commented in her usual sarcastic tone.

Lee ignored her comment and walked straight to Billy. "So what's the plan?"

Billy looked at Lee, he could see in his demeanor that Lee Stetson, the agent, was ready to get his wife free. "I was told Martinelli was in this old building at the far end of the park. There's only one entrance into the building. So, I think it would be best if you and I went in first," he said pointing to himself and Lee. "And, a minute later Francine and Ron Johnson follow us in," he added.

"Fine," Lee answered, as he surveyed the park for anyone else. No one thought people would still be around, since it was dark outside.

Lee and Billy began their walk to the building, being followed from a short distance from Francine and Ron. No words were said on the walk, both men were trying not to draw attention to themselves since they didn't know where John Martinelli was.

Standing against the side of the building, they could see their back up standing next to the trees, ready to come in when they were needed. Billy looked at Lee, and Lee nodded his head. They both pulled out their guns and Lee put his fingers up to start the count down . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . The two men barreled into the dimly lit room and found nothing.

They both looked around, frustrated at the possibility of mislead information. That was until Lee heard a muffled sound. He placed his hand on Billy's arm, as now they could hear foot steps coming towards them. They both stood on opposite sides of the door and waited until it was open.

"Freeze!" They both yelled and were surprised to hear a woman gasp.

Amanda had no idea what was going on, all she knew was that she got away from the man who grabbed her, only to be captured again.

Lee's eyes focused a little more on the figure in front of him and realized who it was. "Amanda?" he asked perplexed.

"LEE!" Amanda lunged into Lee's awaiting arms. "Oh my gosh, I am so happy to see you. I was just on my way out the door for help. I have no idea how long I've been here or where I am."

Billy and Lee laughed as they listen to her ramble. Francine could hear the laughter from where she was standing. She and Ron entered the building, "What's going on here? Where's Martinelli?"

Lee looked over at her and replied, "You know what, I have no idea." Returning his gaze to his wife, he continued, "Amanda, where's Martinelli?"

With a wave of her hands she nonchalantly answered, "Oh, back in the other room tied up?"

"How?" Lee was totally confused now, along with the other people in the room.

"Well, it turns out a tray with food on it is a very good weapon. He united me so I could eat, I just took advantage of hitting him over the head when he turned his back on me." Turning to Billy, but not releasing Lee's hand, she told him, "Sir, he was wanting revenge on you and the Agency for putting him away. He figured capturing one of us would bring you out."

"Are you okay, Amanda?" Billy asked.

"Yes, Sir, except for my wrist being a little sore from the ropes." She turned back to Lee and saw relief written all over his face.

"Well, I'm glad. Why don't you two head home. If there is anything I need from you, I will call in the morning. Otherwise, I don't want to see either of you at work until the afternoon." Billy added, while smiling at Lee and Amanda.

"Yes, Sir. Thank you."

"Yeah, thanks, see you all tomorrow."

Holding hands, Lee and Amanda took off for home. They could hear in the background, the gruff voice of their boss. "All right Francine, Ron, let's get Martinelli down to the Agency . . ."


With everyone else asleep in their beds, Lee and Amanda decided to enjoy a bottle of wine. While Lee sat against the arm of the couch, one leg stretched out and the second one bent with his foot on the floor. Amanda lay comfortably against his chest, with her legs propped up on the couch. He nuzzled against Amanda's neck and whispered, "Now this is nice."

Feeling his warm breath on her neck sent chills up her spine. Lee felt her shudder and tightened his arms around her midsection. "You know, you scared me today. I thought I was going to go out of my mind. Then when we found you, I couldn't believe you did it all on your own. I was so proud of you. I'm just sorry that it happened."

Amanda comforted her husband, both of them knowing it wasn't his fault. "Lee, I know you want to protect this family, but you need to remember something. You can't be with us all 24 hours a day." Turning to look into his eyes, she added, "Plus I had a very good teacher and that's what helped me today."

Kissing the tip of her nose, Lee shifted his body enough to reach his glass. Amanda noticed his glass was empty so she reached out for it, caressing his face with her other hand, "Let me get you some more."

While she was in the kitchen, she could hear Lee moving in the living room and the soft music coming from the radio. After pouring more wine into his glass, she stood there at the entrance watching Lee, who was looking at the pictures on the shelf.

Lee could feel her presence and turned towards her. Without saying a word or never taking his eyes off her, he glided next to her, took his glass out of her hand and set it on the table. He then took both her hands into his and pulled her close to him. Raising her hands up to his shoulders and resting them around his neck, Lee wrapped his arms around her waist and the two danced.

Listening to the words being played on the radio, and with Amanda in his arms Lee found total contentment.

You know our love was meant to be
The kind of love to last forever
And I want you here with me
From tonight until the end of time
You should know
Everywhere I go
Always on my mind
In my heart
In my soul

You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration
Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me saying
"No one needs you more than I need you"

And I know (And I know)
Yes I know that it's plain to see
So in love when we're together
Now I know (Now I know)
That I need you here with me
From tonight until the end of time
You should know (Yes, you need to know )
Everywhere I go
You're always on my mind
You're in my heart
In my soul

You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration
Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me saying
"No one needs you more than I need you"
(No one needs you more than I)
Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me saying
"No one needs you more than I need you"
(No one needs you more)
You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration

When you love somebody
'Til the end of time
When you love somebody
Always on my mind / No one needs you more than I
When you love somebody
'Til the end of time
When you love somebody
Always on my mind / No on needs you more than I

'Oh I need some warm milk to help me sleep,' Dotty thought as she descended the stairs.

She stopped abruptly when she heard music playing from the living room. Slowly she made her way to the bottom step, and still concealed by the wall. Dotty peered around the corner and what she saw was an overwhelming sight.

She knew how much her daughter loved this man, and could tell by the way Lee was when Amanda's around, he felt the same way. Happy in her thoughts of the wonderful man that had entered their lives, Dotty quietly made her way back up the stairs and into bed.

When the song ended, Lee pulled back enough to look into Amanda's eyes. What they both saw was total and complete love for the other.

Lee raised his left hand to her face and stroked her cheek, slowly coming to her lips he traced them with his finger. "Do you know how much I love you, Amanda?"

Amanda smiled back at him, not only because of the wonderful feeling he was bringing out of her, but the tone of his voice; the love he has for her. "Yes, I do, and I love you so much, too, Lee."

Lee tilted his head down a little and captured his lips with Amanda's, embracing her in a passionate kiss.


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